Chris LaPlante (chrisla) wrote,
Chris LaPlante

Pavlov would be so proud

The nearest bathroom to my desk at work also doubles as the men's locker/shower room. For 8.5 years it had a badge reader to access the outer door (my work is more secure than Fort Knox; I'm not sure why...). Around the first of the year they removed the badge reader, so one no longer has to badge in to pee. I used to think these were to enforce gender access, but was able to let Zoe into the lady's locker room (to my great surprise!) shortly before they were removed. I was left stymied to their purpose in the first place after that.

So tell me, when, when will the "must hear the beep before you get to pee" conditioning wear off? Each time I head for the head, I still reach for my badge... Stop brain, stop.
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