Chris LaPlante (chrisla) wrote,
Chris LaPlante

Important things

I'm certainly not the pinnacle of organization. I call myself a "recovering slob". That said, I've made great strides in the past 5-10 years in that respect. Well at home at least, my cube is a wreck. One of the very first steps I took towards being a more organized person was my "bin of important things". I was forever coming home and putting my key daily possessions some place different and spending too much time looking for them the next day. So I got this little plastic organizer and have kept my "important things" in it with great success ever since. Things like keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, checks, stray money. When I first moved in with Zoe she jokingly mocked my bin, and how anal I was about making sure my key things stayed in it. In short order however I was noticing that her important things were taking up residence. I pointed this out, and suggested if she was taking to the concept we could get her a bin too. She expressed that it was important to her on a symbolic relationship level that we share a bin.

Every so often the bin begins to overflow and I have to go thru it to pair it back down to truly important things. I found today going thru it I was having a hard time pairing it back. Pondering what that means... I'd think it was due to the new "important things" in my life, but really none of the items spare one that actually belonged elsewhere was theirs. Time to be more merciless with myself or get a bigger bin?

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